Saturday, March 29, 2008

Don't Call it a comeback...

Ok... So...

Yes, I am well aware of the fact that it has been a month since I last wrote.
Yes, I am well aware of the fact that there has been a tremendous amount of change that has occured...
And yes, I am well aware of the fact that I have been meaning to write...but I've gotten so caught up in other things that... I haven't had the chance to... so this blog will probably be a little longer than most.

Ok, so where do I begin???

Ah yes... I guess I'll start with spring break. WONDERFUL! It has probably been the best, chill-est, easiest, busiest, and most exciting spring break I have ever had. Don't get me wrong, Myrtle Beach '07 with the Girls Plus 1 (lol) was great, but wow... this spring break was wonderful. I went back home where I spent a day with my wonderful girls... I love those girls, I really do. I saw something on facebook that read "I didn't go to high school to meet my husband...I went to find my bridesmaids"...So true in my case. I had a good time with them, as usual... drinking with somewhat involved but whatever...If anything, I feel the safest drinking with them than with anybody else bc (1) They'll let drink and do whatever and (2) I don't have to worry about some "guy" trying to take me to that "level"..yeah...we may be from the suburbs of 919, but best believe...we'll be quick to "cut a nigga!!!" lol

I also lost my keys at home...but my mom found them JUST THIS WEEK. And called me at 5:45 AM to tell me...thanks mom...and thanks for paying the $10 to send them express. Yeah, I really do love you.

Anyway, back to spring I went to colorado with my school for a "cultural excursion"...I absolutely loved it! It was sooo cold though...and no sweet tea...or grits. Oh well, I didn't realize how I take certain southern items for granted. But I loved it though... I got really close to my roommates... 3 girls who I didn't think were the biggest fans of me...and I wasn't the biggest fan of them either...until we went to Colorado. Now I'll love them forever! lol jk

So...after Spring begin back in session. I really do love school, so while I knew I was going to miss sleeping in until 11:45, I wasn't too sad to go back.

The week of the 17th was pretty great... it was "Alpha Week" + "Campaign Week" for positions on SGA. That was fun... that Friday I went to our "Alpha Ball" with like the best guy in the freakin universe (that I've met so far). Yeah, he definitely drove me around Columbia (which is almost an hour's drive) just so I could find a dress...didn't ask for any gas money... and didn't accept it when i gave it to him... was patient with me the entire time I searched for my dress and bought me my shoes when I forgot my bank card...yeah... I friggin love him to death. He was such a gentleman that entire night too...yeah...he's the greatest. Being in college, I've truly realized the power in having a wonderful male friend... the only problem is that it spells trouble for the rest of those guys out there...while the best guy ever will never measure up to my father, just know that for all of the future guys, it brings a problem because best believe, some comparisions will be made. ;-)

In other un-related news... it never ceases to amaze me how people can truly bring negative energy into your life when all you are exerting is positive energy... just a thought.

You know the saying "Seek and you shall find"...yeah, that doesn't work when it comes to guys...clearly. The past 2 months that I've been single I haven't searched for anyone... at all. It just blows my mind that people have been coming to me. The guy from ATL with the greatest shoe game and the cute face, who doesn't know how to cook... to the Greek who for some reason doesn't understand how cute he is and is always up for some good the guy whose dad is really big in ATL but for some reason hasn't really managed to get my attention like that (bc he is just a friend). I remember those days back in high school where when I would go through a "drought" I would search...and either find nothing at all, or something next to nothing. But I think now, with just me gaining more confidence about being in love with ME, or me allowing myself to just live life as ME, other people have become attracted to that... Hopefully.
I really hope it isn't for some "good loving" before the school year ends...LOL

Btw, I won a position as Sophomore Class Senator! Yay! While there were 5 slots with ample amount of people running I got the most votes ( go me!)...yeah I know, I'm such a loser. mother is coming down for the weekend. This week coming up is "Honors Week", with a plethora (I've always liked that word) of events the Honors Program is running. Should be a busy week. My mom's coming down for our official "Induction Ceremony" into the Honors Program, on Sat, and the Honors Pageant that my bestie is SC is in... should be fun. I always like it when my mom comes down...girl talk of course...but not too much, bc I can't have her up all in my business lol

That's it for me! I should be blogging a whole lot more now... I know this is a rather long post, but whatever! On to some more homework...yeah I know what time it is, and yes, I am aware that it is a Sat...but, w/e

Until next time!


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