Monday, March 31, 2008

Attention Span

So... Today was a pretty good and interesting day.

It was a little cold outside, slightly windy with rain...I didn't really like the fact that my hair got caught up in it, but w/e.

Anywho... so we had a rehearsal for our Awards and Honors Convocation... basically a place to showcase the "smarts" at our school... those who have a 3.0 and above.

Today was when I got completely turned off.

So remember when I was talking about the guy with the shoe game?? Yeah... definitely doesn't have EVEN a 3.0...major turn off.

I'm sorry, but honestly, I have high standards...and I'm working on getting them higher. If I'm doing the best I can do, busting my ASS to be the best I can should as well.

Yeah, I may have a 4.0...but the least you can bring to the table is a... 3.0... come on now!

Which brings me to my next subject...while I can be the brighest in the classroom, I sure do have an attention span of a child when it comes to being interested in the opposite sex. Since I can remember, I can be truly interested in getting to know someone, like very interested... but the moment something better shows up... that interest goes out of the door.

Just like a child... it doesn't take long for them to become interested in something new, like let's say a toy...but the moment that a bigger, better toy comes along...doesn't take them long to lose interest either.

Just a thought.


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