Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Catch Up Time!

Ok... So I know that I haven't been doing a good job of keeping up. Anyway, so I'm no longer ready to leave here. Actually I'm trying to do summer school...

A lot has transpired since last week. Me and Musichead are definitely no longer doing whatever it was that we were. He's a loser... like literally. I've come to the realization that he's going to always be inconsiderate and unaplogetic. He actually had the nerve to call me last night. I haven't recieved a phone call or a text for a minute now...he told me that he felt "guilty" that he hadn't picked up the phone, and that we needed to "hang out" before the year ended. I CLEARLY live across the courtyard from you...if you wanted to see me, you should've called me earlier. He's a

Me and "Shoegame" are also off for good. I told him that last night, and he told me that he knew that he was acting like a jerk, and apologized. Then he told me that he was going to try to earn a higher GPA next strive for a 3.0. I asked him what his GPA was looking like now... he said "A 2.2"... Doing some quick math, I realized that he needs a 3.8 next semester to have a 3.0... yeah... good luck on that!

So... I became reacquainted with someone I met a while ago. This guy will be known as the... well, I'll think of a nickname later. He attends the school right next door to mine (literally... the only thing that separates our universities is a fence) and we met at a conference for Black Honors Programs last semester in Maryland. He's a really nice guy. He and friends had been up here to find some tickets for a big party we had on Friday (which was pretty darn fun...I'll get to that later). I didn't expect to talk to them as long as I did...but we had a pretty good conversation. Very interesting. He just became part of a frat (Greek orgs. are pretty big at HBCUs) and was telling me about how much things have changed for him, particularly involving the opposite sex. Anyway, as he listened to me talk, he called me "prototype" and said that i'm "last of the dying breed" because I really haven't done too much. So that night, as we chatted again on facebook (i kinda like that new chat thing) I told him to stop on by so we can talk again. That's probably the best thing I've done all week. He came by on Thursday and we talked allllllll night about everything under the sun. The chemistry was just through the roof. So since then we've been talking and just hanging out a lot. His last day was yesterday, but I think he's coming to see me tomorrow before I leave for good on Friday. It's kinda weird how things are going but w/e...maybe it'll turn out for the best.

As we were talking one night, he told me that he would've never tried to even get at me like that, in the form of a relationship or anything. He said that he felt like if I was to get with a guy like him that would be me "settling" for less... I really don't think so. I kinda imagine that if we were to continue this thing it would definitely be like a "Dwayne and Whitley" type thing from off of "A Different World"...hmm.

But this guy has MAJOR groupies. Like these girls are feins. Why are girls from his school already hitting me up trying to be my friend on facebook and stuff??? Yeah... a little weird.

The party on Friday was fun. I had an exam on Saturday at 11, but I think I did pretty good on it. People are so stupid. Why didn't some people show up on Saturday to take the exam?!?!? Wtf??? People are dumb.

In other news... I've learned so much this year. I'm really reflecting back on everything that I've gained. Independence, leadership... understanding that people really are different. I might have to do another post just talking about everything I've learned.

Oh yes... So I really do believe that Heat gets to black people... as in the changing of the weather. It's been pretty hot these last few days. Why were people SHOOTING outside of my window last night?!?!?!?!?! Some freakin BLOODS were fighting some of our football players WTF!?!?!?!?!!?!? And then today two girls get into a HUGE argument in the cafe. Yeah, it's time to go home. Or just get away.

But I really don't want to go home now. I do need to do this summer school thing so I won't stay at home and lose my mind with all the rules that I have to go by...

Anyway...this will probably be my last post while I'm in the state of SC. I'll be back later in NC.

Oh yeah...KANYE ON FRIDAY!! WOOT WOOT!!!! :-)

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