Friday, May 23, 2008

Just some random thoughts

So, I haven't wrote in a long time. I know. Nothing drastic has occured since the last time I here are just some random things that I felt like expressing.

** The good news: I took another shift at my job! Yay! More hours but more money! Sometimes the time goes by pretty slowly, but it's ok! I really enjoy my work, but sometimes I wish I could be busier.

** Being home hasn't really been too bad after all. I'm finally getting my license next week. Pretty excited. :-)

**I came up with a budget while having some downtime at work....and I'm sensing...I might need a raise. lol

** I hope I can do a lot of partying this summer. A lot of mingling. A lot of just going out on whims. A lot of hanging out with my girls. A lot of going out. A lot of getting to know different guys, and not get attached to them, since I have to leave. Just a lot of enjoying life and the summer.

And of course, with the good news...comes the bad.

* I wondered how I would feel when the day would come when I would realize that my ex was with someone. For so long he made it seemed like he was soo stuck on me, even though I wasn't on him. So I became used to that attention. Even though I'm talking to that Greek I talked about the last time (his nickname will be the 4th, since he's the 4th child) it kinda made my stomach feel weird when I saw those pics. Oh well...that's what I get for being nosey.

**The 4th has clearly stated that he wants to be with me, but that he's scared of falling for me. I don't know if this is an excuse or what. I hate not knowing things at all. I wish I could read his mind. He tells me that he's being real with me, and all of guess I have to go on with that, right?

**I have a problem with growing attached too quickly. So, in order to change that I MUST go out with other guys this summer. That way, even if the 4th does hurt me, I can go on without a problem.

**Why am I anticipating hurt?

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Eb the Celeb said...

yes... you are too young to get attached... date date date date date... and then date some more... good luck having a circle of guys that you actually have fun with... thats the kicker