Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Big Girl


Today was pretty eventful.

I went to work this morning and I realized why I truly missed my job. I absolutely love my kids!!! Even though I had nothing but boys there today, it was great! They're so funny and I always know that even though I have to deal with a few runny noses, crying, and dirty diapers, I will always be in for a laugh! after work I went to go do some "errands". I've been in the negative for about two days ( "the negative" in reference to my bank account) and thus, I had to put in some money from my SECU account to my regular account. My parents don't know. And I don't intend that they find out. I mean, they tell me to "grow up" and that I need to become an "adult" I'm not running them to help me out AGAIN. It was so cold, and I went all the way down Hillsborough Street to the bank and then from the bank to my regular bank account. In order to go to the Bank of America, I had to pass the Y again...but I refused to do so because I didn't want anyone to see me walking from there....and I didn't want anyone to ask me if I needed a ride. So I decided to go through a neighborhood because I believed that it was a shortcut...was I wrong. It took me almost 30 minutes to get out of that neighborhood when it would have normally taken me about 15 minutes to get from the Yto the bank!! Augggh!! Ok I go to the bank...and by this time...I'm hot from walking....I'm tired...and I'm pretty sure I smell of baby drool, outside, and other smells. So I walk into the bank and I don't have my account number...Ok...not too bad considering that I have my card. So he sees my account and shakes his I already don't know I've overdrafted!!Then he decides to make a joke out of it... "Yeah that's pretty popular around this time of the year"...Fool! I didn't overdraft because I was spending money on OTHER people...I overdrafted because I was spending money on MYSELF...and because of a check...but that's a whole different story. So I finally got out of there and my dad picked me up from the library...where I was "at" the whole time lol.

I got to see my bestest friend in the entire world today too...for about 10 minutes!

So anyway, I think I'm going to add a post about this whole "growing up thing"...maybe later though...I have too much to do right now.

But as a way to make up for the previous events of my banking situation...I got a 4.0 this semester! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!

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