Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So yet another disappointment...

I realized something last night... at like 1:45 am... I don't adapt well to change... AT ALL. Its unfortunate because I wish that I could be able to do it... I know that these next few months will definitely be a challenge. I never realized how hurt I've been by the previous-relationship-that-shall-remain-nameless until this morning. When yet another disappointment came knocking on my head. I have to become better with this change thing... oh well... another thing I have to work on I guess.

I guess the hardest thing for me is that I know that I have to grow as a person... but my clock is ticking...or maybe that's my problem. I'm running life like it's a sprint instead of chilling like its a jog...I don't know. I think I had this idea that after college, I would go to grad school, and while in grad school I would get married. Get a great job. Have gorgeous children. Have a wonderful husband, who is fine, loves me, and is a doctor...or a lawyer...or holds some occupation making a ton of

I was told today in a text sent by a great and wonderful person, "Adaptability to change is a skill set necessary to survive in today's ever changing and unforseen situations...obviously u do not, and very well may not EVER possess such a talent...being that all you seem to comprehend is drawn out textbook material as if the world always truly operates that way."

As much I like to admit when I'm right, and as much I hate to admit when I'm wrong... I must say... correct.

This summer shall be interesting...

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