Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rainy Nights


Tonight is one of those rainy, stormy nights... I've always had a thing for storms at night, they usually help me sleep better...and they feel so good to listen to!

This past week/weekend was pretty fun... to say the least. Saturday night was probably the best night I've had here this semester...well at least during the weekend. After spending about 1 hr. at a "Trini" party, and the campus police ending that (lol) I went to hang out with a few friends...which soon turned into a spontaneous, "private" party...what...a...night.

I didn't go to bed until least that's the last time I saw before I realized I was sleep.

So to rewind things a little bit... Valentine's Day was ok for me... My little ones gave me some candy, and so did my girls. However, I did and said somethings that I realize only show the true state of my immaturity...I really do need to grow up. However, like any wrongdoings, I knew I needed to apologize...and I did...which led to a 3 1/2 hour conversation...and I finally got some things off of my chest which I needed to do. It felt relieving.

Sometimes I think things would be so much easier if people would stop, and think about how short life is. How much time can be wasted by not... hurrying up. Within these past few weeks, I definitely feel like I've "hurried up and waited"... and I'm definitely tired of it. I want!...but... I know I have to wait.

Being single is ok too... I guess... I do kinda miss those late night chats... and having someone to cuddle with... but whatever... I'll be ok... :-)

Only time will tell with me though...I'm a Gemini...and known to have a pretty impatient personality...

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