Friday, April 18, 2008


Yeah... you guessed it.

I was supposed to be going out tonight with the "Musichead"... he tells me he can't take me, because he has "no gas"... that's the most bullshit I've heard in a long time.

3 disappointments... in 14 days.

I was talking to one of his friends today in the cafe. It was originally me and my friend but since she had a class at 1, she had to leave early. So me and him started talking. Having a pretty good, in-depth conversation. Then "Musichead" comes in, along with one of his friends. I guess he was somewhat surprised since he's never seen me talk to him, but w/e....anyway.

We all had a pretty interesting conversation. This friend of his that I was talking to, a lot of girls on campus are interested in him, very interested in him. He is fine as hell. But, no, I'm not interested.

Musichead told me that he's going to come to my room tonight. Well he says "I'll try to stop thru later on tonite"...

"Try"... sounds a lot like... "might".

I HATE might.



Do the math.

I swear, if TONIGHT=BULLSHIT, the math equation will look like this:

Chass+Shoegame=Blanket on the floor, hard breathing... sweat... yeah... do the math.

Tonight BETTER NOT= Bullshit

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